Pedals with Purpose

Experience the thrill of electric biking while making a positive impact in our community.

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...where passion meets purpose in the world of premium electric bikes.

As local bike enthusiasts, we're not just here to sell; we're here to guide. We're committed to helping you find the perfect ride tailored to your individual forms and needs.

At Good Wheels, we take the hassle out of bike shopping. Let us handle the research, testing, and curation to bring you the best quality bikes. Say goodbye to the headaches of online orders, returns, and warranty repairs—we've got it covered. Plus, enjoy the convenience of a free loaner while your bike gets the royal service treatment. When you are ready to upgrade, we will offer you fair market value as a credit towards any bike in our stock of greater value. Your ride, your peace of mind—our priority. We believe in more than just selling bikes; we believe in crafting an unparalleled biking experience.

Your journey to the best bike on the planet starts here.

Why Good Wheels eBikes?

Best of Breed Inventories

  • We're not your average bike shop. We're your gateway to the best e-bikes on the planet.
  • We're proud partners with top manufacturers: Mercedes-Benz, Tenways, Wings, Electric Bikes Co, and more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Our "Good Deals" Cyclist guarantee is 2 years. You may bring your purchase in anytime by appointment to service your bike.
  • Free loaner bikes are available during service from any of our locations. 
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Trade-in Program

  • Should you decide to upgrade your e-bike, we will offer you fair market value as a credit towards any bike in our stock of greater value. 

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We Donate $100 for Every eBike Sold

At Good Wheels, we believe that our mission extends beyond simply providing top-of-the-line electric bikes. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community and supporting causes that are close to our hearts. That's why we have created the Pedals with Purpose program.

Pedals with Purpose is a program that embodies our commitment to giving back and making a difference. For every bike sold, we pledge to donate $100 to Massachusetts Fallen Heroes, an organization that honors and supports the families of fallen military heroes. By choosing Good Wheels, our customers not only experience the joy and freedom of riding an electric bike but also contribute to a meaningful cause.

We understand the importance of supporting our community and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Pedals with Purpose allows us to intertwine our passion for electric bikes with our dedication to honoring and supporting our local heroes. Together, we can ride with purpose and make a positive impact in the lives of those who have given so much.

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Horacio P.

I had a great experience at Good Wheels. They let me try different e-bikes before purchasing. I've got a nice one, but had some issues with it. They exchanged it no questions asked and gave me a loaner while waiting for a new bike to be delivered. When the bike finally arrived, they gave me a free upgrade. Honest people and great bikes.

Damon L.

They are a new shop and are working hard to be a good community resource, and have helped me get the best out of my bike, fixing any small issues that cropped up on the spot, and offering a loaner bike if I needed it. I recommend them to anyone who prefers to deal with a local shop rather than order things online and then deal with distant customer service operations.

Lester S.

I recently purchased a Wing ebike from Good Wheels and am really pleased with the bike and the experience. The bike rides great, shifts smoothly and has a nice ride, even in light off road riding. The staff at Good Wheels was great about explaining how the bike works and getting the right fit for me.

Sunita S.

I walked out with a shiny new TENWAYS CGO800S eBike, after taking it on a short test ride. They didn't rush me; instead, they made sure I knew what I was getting into. For all things ebike-related, Good Wheels is the spot. They've got the goods and the service to match. They've earned my two-wheeled loyalty!

Beth M.

Excellent customer service at this shop. Peter and Tien went to great lengths to ensure that we were matched with the best possible bikes.

I highly recommend Good Wheels to anyone looking for an electric bike,100%.